Monday, February 27, 2012

Ever have one of those life periods where you find the same message in everything you watch, read and do? I think I'm in the middle of one.

Here's the list:
- The Ceejus, my sister, my cousin and I had a conversation a week ago about how we live in a society where most systems - including food supply - are crafted to benefit an elite few.  Not all these systems are inherently bad or evil, but they certainly don't prioritize the interests of those of us at ground level.

- My wife and I flew to Denver this past weekend, and we stayed with The Ceejus' friend and her boyfriend.  The friend is a professional organizer - and regardless of how anyone may feel about unions, this friend often takes very unpopular stands against unfair labor practices.  Not to mention the two of them are among the most generous and gracious hosts I have EVER encountered.  They do what they think is right, regardless of popularity and/or cost.  I admire them for that.

- On the flight back from Denver I started reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  ***partial spoiler alert***  At my current point in the book, Katniss is struggling with a crisis of conscience.  Does she run for the woods and hide from "The Capitol," saving herself and her loved ones?  Or does she take a stand against the Capitol's tyranny and start a full-fledged revolution?  She's starting to realize that regardless of how difficult it is to stand up against the status quo, she must - because the status quo is killing people just to keep society under control.

- Ceejus is reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and we're watching the corresponding movie at the conclusion of each book.  Last night, at the end of the second movie, she had an epiphany similar to Katniss' based on a comparison to Middle Earth's potential capitulation to Sauron - essentially that it would obviously be wrong to join evil's side just because it looked like evil might win.  Yet so many people do that in our world every day - compromise morals because it's hard to fight against what seems like the natural flow of society.

From my perspective these things all deliver the same message - one must assume complete command and control of one's own life in order to avoid being caught up in a river of poor values that are so easily assumed and assimilated from society at large.  I acknowledge that this post risks seeming cliche and therefore trite - but I assure you that it's not.  When was the last time you stepped alllll the way back from your present life and really looked at it?  Are you doing what you want to do?  Are you compromising your most important values because it's easier than fighting the current? 

Are you assuming active control of your own life?

Think before you answer.

I'm thinking long and hard about my answer. 


  1. i live in the wrong state to truly assume active control of my life.

    soon, though. soon.

    1. Heh...we're drawing much the same conclusion, actually. Are you still looking up in the big sky state?

    2. 'Roundabouts there, yeah. Idaho, remember? :)

      PS: tell Ceej it's okay to be a Libertarian in deed but not in name. 'Tis why I'm registered Independent.