Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where was I, again?

That last post kind of got away from me, so let me clarify. 

All I really wanted to say was that I love self-sustenance.  I love cooking for myself, making smart financial decisions to avoid debt, growing my own food whenever possible, supporting local suppliers for things I can't produce myself, building my own furniture, repairing my own home, and basically making myself as independently capable as I possibly can.

My siblings and I have this dream where someday we buy a big plot of land where we can all build homes and live together.  We'd have livestock, crops, honeybees, vineyard, etc.., and we would essentially be an entirely self-sustaining family compound.  I know it sounds cult-ish, but it's not.  Think of it more as a farm. 

Anyway, the reason I was so excited about my dinner is that it was all either self-generated or locally-grown (except the fish). 

It's a small step, but ultimately even small successes are inspiring toward my larger goal.

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